SciTech Kids

Bridging Your Child’s Passion with STE[A]M


SciTech Kids Programs offers enriching and fun opportunities for children, ages 3 to 15, after school, during school breaks and over summer vacation. 

Birthday Parties

We offer amazing parties that include science experiments or tech activities that are interactive, exciting, and educational.


Our curriculum brings STEAM to life through a student-centered approach that uses the power of inquiry and play to create captivating science experiences.

Introducing Learning Pods

Quality instruction That Supports Your Child’s Remote Learning

A Learning Pod is a small group of two to six students who complete distance learning assignments at home with the support of an in-person instructor. This structured setting provides the extra help families need to meet the academic needs of students under remote learning.

SciTech Kids: Bridging Your Child’s Passion with STE[A]M

Our goal is to spark every child’s natural curiosity about science and the world around them. While some children have a strong interest in science, all children benefit from a hands-on experience that provides knowledge, skills, and meaningful connections between science and everyday life.

General Inquiry



About Us

At SciTech Kids, we turn the idea of teaching science on its head. Kids learn STEAM and scientific concepts by “doing science” that is connected to their everyday life, rather than watching someone else do it.

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