iSciTech Kids Foundation

Inspiring The Next Generation of STEM Leaders  

We are a non-profit organization, that seeks to empower children to excel in STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. By developing 21st Century skills, children will become the next generation of leaders who change the world.


Our mission is to spark children’s innate curiosity about STEAM through hands-on experiences which unlock their imagination and empower them to solve real-world problems and impact the world.

About Us

SciTech Kids has a proven track record of working with K-12 students in the NYC public school system. Our award-winning science & math enrichment program and STEAM curriculum, recognized by President Obama, has been implemented in schools in all boroughs. We teach students the fundamentals through hands-on activities that captures their imagination. Students learn science, math, coding, robotics, engineering, architecture and conduct cool STEM experiments.    

What We Do

In-School Programs

Afterschool Programs

Remote Learning

In-School Programs

We can come to your school and customize a program that suits your needs. We can enhance your science program, run a robotics class or teach students to become Makers.

Afterschool Programs

Have us run a STEAM program after school. We offer a number of different options such as robotics, science, STEAM, Maker, architecture and much more.

Remote Learning

SciTech Kids now offers remote learning to enhance your school curriculum. Learn how kids can become engaged as they see how cool science can be when they see us conduct explosive chemical reactions.


What People Say

“SciTech Kids Foundation has truly transformed how my child feels about STEM. When he knows that it’s Tuesday, he goes to school smiling knowing he’ll have SciTech Kids after school. “

Linda J., parent

“The SciTech Kids Foundation does a wonderful job motivating our kids to learn science. When they enter the school building, the students are so excited and treat them like rock stars. “

Louisa O., Teacher

SciTech Girls Project

The SciTech Girls Project targets girls and young women, ages 11 to 18, to use STEM skills and tech tools to promote gender equity and solve social issues of interest. We present global issues such as plastic pollution and climate change and teach girls to approach these problems using the Design Process, an effective engineering tool. As girls address a problem or challenge, they use STEM and digital technologies to produce a prototype, product, app, website or video that is informational or calls to action. 

Target Start Date: Summer 2021

Partnership: NYC Dept. of Education

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