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SciTech STEAM products incorporate technology into our content to create experiences that bring STEAM to life. 

Studies show that there are not enough American students who have the skills to fill available STEM jobs. Currently, students struggle to master STEM content, especially when teaching methods fail to engage students and demonstrate how the material is relevant. Students find science concepts too abstract and require too much memorization. They want content that is dynamically visual, understandable, and to the point, hence the name of the app.


SciTech STEAM addresses these issues by designing STEAM-based products that build out effective curriculum using software, digital books, and mobile application that engage students to excel in these subject areas. 

Our products are designed by SciTech Kids, and tested on diverse New York City students. Our mission is to increase the pipeline of students, especially those from underrepresented groups, and prepare them for the growing workforce in these fields.   


  • Science Content: They are able to learn and retain new information
  • Critical Thinking: Think clearly as they integrate the various disciplines
  • Use the Design Process: Learn to ask questions, and use a strategy to problem solve
  • Creativity: Solve problems by “thinking outside the box”


  • Educational Software
  • Digital Content
  • Curriculum
  • Books
  • Educational Apps
  • Educational Kits


A Social Learning Experience to Transform Education

  • Mobile app allows members to view, engage, and upload science content (videos, images, poems).
  • Using rich visual narratives (visual metaphors, GIFs,  comics, cartoons, and animations) we deliver content to learners in short, focused learning bursts.  
  • We assign one learning objective per visual so students can absorb a concept quickly and easily.
  • The visuals can be stand-alone or be linked to other visuals.
  • Then we use a powerful visual to review and confirm that learning has occurred.

The Golgi Body is the Amazon of the Cell


It packages and sends proteins outside the cell.

Comic About the Digestive System

Gabby N. August 29, 2020	
Why does the tongue have a plunger?
Reply: August 30, 2020
It helps push the food down the esophagus. 
Rebecca D. August 31, 2020	
What’s the black stuff that is poured into the container?
Reply: August 31, 2020
It’s bile which mechanically breaks up fat into smaller pieces.  
Mario P. September 2, 2020	
What is the little pink structure sticking out near the winding pipes?
Reply: September 2, 2020
It’s the appendix, which is a vestigial organ but is now is believed to play a key role is storing good bacteria.  

Your digestive system works like an assembly line in reverse.

Visual Metaphor About Neurons

Just as trees share a basic structure-roots, trunk, 
and branches—a neuron has a root (axon) trunk (cell body) 
and branches (dendrites). 

Neurons are like trees intertwined in a rainforest.


We are continuing to beta test the content and are now looking to market our product.

Our partner, The Beeprint, has already completed the mobile App development, Web App development, Backend development, UX/UI Design and Logo Design. To learn more, visit

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