SciTech Kids programs offers enriching, safe learning experiences for children, ages 3 to 17, afterschool, during school breaks and over summer vacation. Led by our skilled instructors, students are engaged in projects and activities that provide an exciting, STEAM experience for every student. Students get to conduct science experiments, and explore engineering, architecture, astronomy, botany, coding and much more. Fully immersive, the program encourages students to engage with STEM topics in a hands-on environment.

Classes meet once a week for 55 minutes and consist of small multi-age groups, (3 to 5 students) who use the engineering design process to solve real world problems or perform an activity. Whether your child is a SciTech Explorer (Ages 3 to 5), SciTech Adventurer (Ages 6 to 8), SciTech Investigator (Ages 9 to 12), SciTech Scientist or Techie (Ages 13 to 17) or a SciTech Ambassador (Ages: 11 to 17) this program creates the next generation of innovators.

The program also fosters creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving, skills that are needed for success in the 21st century. Every season, SciTech Kids expands its innovative STEAM curriculum to ensure our students are applying their STEM skills to help solve real-world problems. From learning the science of motion when making a catapult to designing skyscrapers and urban planning to evaluating water quality and studying ecosystems to the studying and identification of plants and more.

SciTech Kids offers the following types of programs:

After- School

Birthday Parties

School Break Camps

Summer Camp Program

In-School Enrichment


Private Classes


STEAM Walk-ins

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