SciTech Kids after-school programs create learning progressions that build student understanding over time. At each stage of learning, children explore, think critically, and problem solve through age-appropriate STEAM activities.

NEW! VR Is Incorporated into SciTech Kids Classes

This fall, our classes will include an educational VR component to bring STEM to life. For example, students will use math, engineering, science, and other technologies to rebuild a 3D town after an earthquake. Fully immersive, the program encourages students to engage with STEM topics in a hands-on environment to help solve real-world problems.

Classes meet once a week for 1 hour and consist of small multi-age groups, which promote peer-to-peer learning and leadership. Whether your child is a SciTech Explorers (Ages 3 to 5), SciTech Adventurers (Ages 6 to 8), SciTech Investigators (Ages 9 to 12) , SciTech Scientist or Techie (Ages 13 to 15) or a SciTech Ambassadors (Ages: 11 to 15).

NEW! Scratch, Python and Minecraft Mod

We offer both Scratch and Python as part of our coding class. Does your child love Minecraft? Then learn how to mod Minecraft. Imagine, create, and share amazing mods, texture packs, and schematics and turn your mod ideas into reality!

SciTech Kids is offering the following classes and School Break Day Camps this Winter. Classes are based on age groups: Explorers, Adventurers, Investigators, and Techies. To register for a class, camp or make a birthday party deposit, please click here.

SessionStart DateEnd Date
SciTech Adventurer-Sat, 10:00 AM09/14/201912/07/2019
SciTech Investigators-Sat, Robotics+Sci,11:00 AM09/14/201901/04/2020
SciTech Explorer – Sat, 9:00 AM09/14/201912/07/2019
SciTech Explorer – Mon, 12:15 PM09/16/201912/09/2019
SciTech Techie-Mon, Rob+Sci+EnG, 5:15 PM09/16/201912/09/2019
SciTech Discoverers-Mon, 11:15 AM to 12 PM09/16/201910/07/2019
SciTech Investigators-Mon, Eng+Sci, 4:30 PM09/16/201901/04/2020
SciTech Explorer – Tues, 12:30 PM09/17/201912/10/2019
SciTech Adventurer- Tues, 3:30 PM09/17/201912/10/2019
SciTech Explorer – Tues, 4:30 PM09/17/201912/10/2019
SciTech Explorer – Tues, 3:30 PM09/17/201912/10/2019
SciTech Adventurer- Tues, 4:30 PM09/17/201912/10/2019
SciTech Explorer – Tues, 9:45 AM09/17/201912/10/2019
SciTech Adventurers- Wed, 4:00 PM09/18/201912/11/2019
SciTech Explorer-Wed, 4:00 PM09/18/201912/11/2019
SciTech Investigators-Wed, Sci+Eng, 4:00 PM09/18/201912/11/2019
SciTech Techie- Wed, Rob+Sci+Eng, 5:00 PM09/18/201912/11/2019
SciTech Discoverers Wed, 1:00 PM to 1:45 PM09/18/201910/09/2019
SciTech Investigators-Fri, Robotics+Sci, 4:00 PM09/18/201912/11/2019
SciTech Explorer – Thurs, 12:15 PM09/19/201912/12/2019
SciTech Explorer – Thurs, 3:30 PM09/19/201912/12/2019
SciTech Adventurer-Thurs, 4:30 PM09/19/201912/12/2019
SciTech Explorer – Thurs, 4:30 PM09/19/201912/12/2019
SciTech Investigators-Thurs, Arch+Eng, 4:30 PM09/19/201912/12/2019
SciTech Investigator-Mon, Minecraft Mod, 4:30 PM09/23/201911/04/2019
SciTech Explorer – Mon, 9:30 AM09/23/201912/16/2019
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