SciTech Girls

An unique project that empowers girls with the skills they need to solve real world problems

Bridge Prototype


Today’s youth seek to change the world by exploring the connections between their environment and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Using the Design Process, they can solve problems in their community by bringing their ideas to reality. Integration of STEM disciplines offers students an opportunity to experience learning in real-world, multidisciplinary contexts.

Architectural Rendering


Girls ages 11 to 18 attend workshops to identify issues in their community and work with a STEM instructor to solve real world problems. Teams then submit a solution with drawings or prototypes. Team semifinalists are selected and given in-depth mentoring from expert scientists and engineers to further their design. The best projects are then selected as finalists.

3D Printed Prototypes


Finalists present their projects at an exhibition. QR Codes are displayed at outdoor sites near the project in order to share the problem and solution with the community. Projects will also be submitted to city agencies in the hope that they are considered viable solutions. We believe greater engagement, personalized learning, and peer collaboration give a much-needed boost to student achievement.


Starting in 2021, we will achieve our goal of demonstrating the power of imagination and a high quality, project-based learning platform to produce a generation of innovative girls whose ideas transform their communities. Whether it’s solving the plastic pollution or improving park design, these successfully designed projects will be showcased and hopefully installed throughout the city.

Let’s get girls to invent something amazing!

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