Learning Pods

Quality instruction That Supports Your Child’s Remote Learning

What are Learning Pods?

Learning Pods are small groups of two to six students who complete distance learning assignments at home with the support of an in-person instructor.  This structured setting provides the extra help families need to meet the academic needs of students under remote learning.

Topics covered will be based on the curriculum followed by your child’s school as well as innovative techniques based on SciTech Kids STEAM curriculum. Our award-winning STEAM program develops your child’s creative, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Our Learning Pod is also supported by our partner, MotivationCheck, which has created a winning formula for implementing effective Blended learning environments.

How It Works

1. Create A Customizable Pod

A parent creates a Pod for a group of students who are usually in the same grade at their school. We offer distant learning pods, micro-school pods, and enrichment pods.

2. Match Instructor With A Pod

SciTech Kids matches an instructor with the Pod based on the needs of students in the group.  Instructors are trained by the founder, Kim Magloire, an expert in best practices of blended learning and STEAM education.

3. Schedule A Pod

The Pod selects either a full-time or part-time program.  A full-time program typically runs from 9 am to 2 pm.  Pods are usually five days a week.  Blended learning Pods are two or three days a week based on the number of days their child’s school offers remote learning.

4. Select Location of Pod

The Pod may be held at your home, SciTech Kids, or remotely.

5. Select Either Fall Term or School Year Term

The Fall Term runs from September 14 to January 22.  The Spring Term runs from January 29 to June 8.


Some Learning Pods choose SciTech Kids our state-of-the-art STEAM lab for our open, flex space.  It is a 2,000 SF makerspace with 3D printers, a laser cutter and engineering tools. All desks are spread out 6 feet apart to allow for social distancing.  We also have two outdoor spaces making it feasible to safely hold in-person classes and dining outdoors amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


SciTech Kids uses Clyraguard, a personal protection spray that has been proven to completely inactivate COVID-19. This long lasting, non-toxic formula is applied to masks and hands of all persons in our facility and reapplied throughout the day as needed. This hospital-grade FDA approved formula is non-irritating, colorless, odorless and kid-friendly. We are partners with this company and sell their products to clients. Click here to learn more about Clyraguard.


Many of our trained instructors are scientists and engineers with a strong academic background. All instructors undergo extensive screening, including fingerprinting, background checks, and health screens. Instructors also will be tested bi-monthly for COVID-19.


All students must follow the guidelines set by SciTech Kids regarding social distancing and wearing a mask. SciTech Kids and Pod families will assess their COVID-19 risk profiles and create a contract to maintain transparency among the members of the group.  For classes held at SciTech Kids, each child will be assigned a desk to ensure social distancing. 


To ensure you receive a qualified teacher for your Pod and provide the same level of support and education to all Pods, our pricing is “per Pod.” This means the monthly cost of tuition drops the more children there are in your Pod.  To balance flexibility for our families with job stability for our teachers, we ask families to commit to a minimum of one term.

Fall Term September 14 – January 22 (18 weeks)

Spring Term: January 29 – June 11 (18 weeks)

The price of a yearly, full-time Pod is $120,000. This price will be divided by the number of students in a Pod.  Pricing for a part-time Pod ranges from $180/hr. to $240/hr, per Pod.  A Pod can start at any time during the year, and the tuition will be pro-rated to reflect the start date.


Our payment dates are to safeguard the Pod and ensure it can run for the duration that the Pod has selected (either the Fall term or full year).

10% – Deposit due when your pod has formed and signed a Pod Contract.
20% – Due 1st day of Pod
70% – Paid out monthly over the duration of your contract.

10% – Deposit due when your pod has formed and signed a Pod Contract.
20% – Due 1st day of Pod
70% – Paid out monthly over the duration of your contract.

For more information about various options regarding Learning Pods please call 212.804.7055 or email info@sci-techkids.com.

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