Our Approach

Our approach is Inquiry-based

SciTech Kids’ curriculum brings STEAM to life through a student-centered approach that uses the power of inquiry and play to create captivating science experiences.

In each class, children are introduced to a topic, empowered to ask questions,, observe, hypothesize, experiment, test, and reflect and participate in a hands-on activity that teaches science in a fun, interactive manner. The kids’ questions and ideas are at the center of the learning experience.  And our expert instructors are equipped to answer their questions.

Our curriculum covers various branches of science including biology, chemistry, physics, paleontology, forensics, electronics, ecology, botany, and astronomy.  We also integrate science with language arts, geography, art, design, and music.

Our approach is Project-based
In each SciTech Kids class, children participate in a fun, hands-on activity that centers on experimenting, tinkering, designing, or innovating. The activity requires kids to think critically and solve problems by working individually and collaborating with their peers.

We reinforce the science content through videos, mobile devices, gadgets, apps, interactive games, digital media, field trips, science experts, and collaborations in real time with kids around the world.

Students are also taught to collect and record data, plan investigations, and make scientific predictions. In addition to writing about their observations and results in a journal, kids are encouraged to communicate through drawing, charts, graphs, and 3-D models.

Our approach is Integrated

The SciTech Kids Method is an innovative approach to science education that integrates inquiry-based learning, project-based learning and integrated learning into a dynamic and cohesive framework.  Led by our highly trained instructors, classes focus not only on the science content and process but also on the real world applications of science. While experimenting with or completing a project, students develop skills that enable them to think critically and problem-solve.

Since our children’s questions cross disciplinary boundaries, SciTech draws upon math, history, geography, music, and language arts, to provide a deeper and comprehensive understanding of science.  Our curriculum also integrates these disciplines to help children achieve scientific literacy—the ability to speak more knowledgeably about scientific issues that impact our rapidly changing world.

Our carefully designed curriculum was developed by a team of science educators and with the help of scientists, researchers, and early childhood specialists.

Our approach is Invention-Focused

With an emphasis on inquiry, our kids instinctively want to invent while they discover. Our kids have the opportunity to meet/interact with real life everyday inventors/innovators and are dazzled by their intelligence and creativity. Our students experience first hand how to take an invention from imagination to reality and understand the process and timelines associated with such. This exposure sparks the creativity of future kid inventors and encourages them to play, tinker, and test out construction toys, kits, gadgets, and robots.

Our approach includes Scientific Literacy

It’s important to us that our students become scientifically literate at an early age.  As they begin to understand the scientific world around them, they can appreciate topics such as global warming, earthquakes, cancer, climate changes, cloning, and genetically engineered food—all issues that directly affect their lives.

“Scientific literacy helps us understand and enjoy the world around us.” –Kim Magloire

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