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SciTech Kids Programs offers enriching and fun opportunities for children, ages 3 to 15, and adults. We immerse you in the world of STEAM through hands-on activities that capture your imagination. Led by our skilled instructors, students are engaged in projects and activities that provide an exciting, STEAM experience that changes both the way they see themselves and the world. Kids get to do science experiments, engineering, architecture, coding and much more. Exposure to STEAM motivates them to take on real world challenges, develop ideas to solve them as they navigate the creative process.


President Obama Praises SciTech Kids


Gabrielle Nafie and Miles Pilchik, both 8, and their film Full S[T]EAM Ahead: How Technology Rocks the Classroom, were featured at the inaugural White House Student Film Festival.

The film, narrated by Gabrielle and Miles shows how SciTech Kids afterschool, weekend and summer programs are rocking the classroom with STEAM programming. The kids along with Kim Magloire, President of SciTech Kids created the three-minute film for submission.

In his remarks, President Obama, said, “You’ve got Gabrielle Nafie and Miles Pilchik from SciTech Kids in New York. They showed us that their class isn’t just dreaming about going into space, they’re actually going into space. They designed density experiments and used a 3-D printer to build tiny satellites to hold them. And then they actually launched a giant balloon that carried their satellites up to the edge of space – very cool – so they could collect the data. When I was in elementary school, I was not launching satellites into space.” (video)

“SciTech Kids gives young children the opportunity to see Science and Technology without limits,” says Kim Magloire of SciTech Kids. “Having the ability to have our students’ work showcased at the White House is truly amazing but hearing President Obama, speak about our kids and their work with such excitement is beyond anything I ever could have hoped for,” adds Magloire.

In November, the White House Student Film Festival announced a call for video submissions that highlight the power of technology in schools. Out of 2500 submissions, 16 films were chosen.

“What makes SciTech Kids different is our belief that STEAM should be introduced to children as early as possible. The PongSat mission, an initiative of JP Aerospace allowed our kids to conceptualize and then conduct their own experiments was truly remarkable. Students even designed the PongSat balls using a 3D printer,” adds Magloire.

“Gabrielle and Miles were great ambassadors for SciTech and their schools. From Gabrielle’s “thank you” to Miles’ high five, we could not be more proud of them. “As we were leaving the White House, they were already talking about next year’s festival. We are very proud of them.”

To watch the SciTech Kids video click here and for more information visit sci-techkids.com and whitehouse.gov/filmfestival.

Preschool Programs

SciTech Kids introduces our youngest budding scientists to the mysteries of science through playful, hands-on science experiences. Science and math concepts arise naturally as they observe a plant growing from a seed, study weather patterns, and build rockets. Science activities are also great opportunities for preschoolers to improve their fine motor skills as they manipulate items such as eyedroppers and tweezers. Simple activities can be the building blocks of a lifelong love of science.

To see the pre-school schedule, click here.

Classes meet once a week for 55 minutes and consist of a small multiage group, which promote peer-to-peer learning. Class size is approximately 8 to 12 children.

SciTech Explorers

Ages 3 to 5
Our preschoolers discover and explore natural phenomena through observations, experimentation, storytelling, and creative play. While engaging in a science activity, they are invited to observe, predict and interpret their findings. Budding scientists learn about ecosystems, chemical reactions, biodiversity, magnetism, light, colors, dinosaurs, gravity, different forms of energy, and how to build simple robots using cutting-edge, modular building blocks.

In-School Enrichment Programs

SciTech Kids offers educational and highly entertaining workshops and demonstrations that are guaranteed to attract and hold the attention of school groups. Let us get your students revved up on science with cool science tricks and amazing science experiments.

Our science demonstrations can be tailored to your school’s science curriculum which can be an invaluable tool to assist you in your goal of making science classes more fun and exciting for your students. If you would like us to come to your school events, assemblies, or after-school events, contact us.

Help Kids Excel on Regents and Advanced Placement Science Exams

SciTech Kids also partners with schools to deliver high quality, standards-based instructional science programs with curricula that are rigorous, effective, and engaging.

SciTech Kids has implemented award-winning Regents and Advanced Placement science programs in many NYC public high schools.  For more information about our school programs, contact us.

Let Science Take Center Stage at Your School!


After-School Programs

SciTech Kids after-school programs create learning progressions that build student understanding over time. At each stage of learning, children explore, think critically, and problem solve through age-appropriate STEAM activities.

Classes meet once a week for 1 hour and consist of small multi-age groups, which promote peer-to-peer learning and leadership. Whether your child is a SciTech Explorers (Ages 3 to 5), SciTech Adventurers (Ages 6 to 8), SciTech Investigators (Ages 9 to 12) , SciTech Scientist or Techie (Ages 13 to 15) or a SciTech Ambassadors (Ages: 11 to 15).

Every season, SciTech Kids expands upon its innovative curriculum to ensure our students are applying their STEM skills to help solve real-world problems.  From learning the science of motion when making a catapult to designing skyscrapers and urban planning to evaluating water quality and studying ecosystems to the studying and identification of plants and more.

NEW! Scratch, Python and Minecraft Mod

This Winter, we are offering both Scratch and Python as part of our coding class. Does your child love Minecraft? Then learn how to mod Minecraft. Imagine, create, and share amazing mods, texture packs, and schematics and turn your mod ideas into reality!

SciTech Kids is offering the following classes and School Break Day Camps this Winter. Classes are based on age groups: Explorers, Adventurers, Investigators, and Techies. To register for a class, camp or make a birthday party deposit, please click here.