SciTech STEAM products incorporate technology into print content to create experiences that bring Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEAM) to life. 

Studies show that there are not enough American students who are educated well enough in STEM to fill the available jobs in the 21st Century. Currently, students struggle to master STEM content, especially when teaching methods primarily emphasize didactic models that fail to engage students and reveal how the material can be applied to solve real problems. 

SciTech STEAM addresses these issues by designing STEAM-based products that builds out effective curriculum using software, digital books, gaming and mobile application that engage students to excel in these subject areas. 

Our products are designed and tested at SciTech Kids, among thousands of diverse New York City students. Our mission is to increase the pipeline of students, especially those from underrepresented groups, and prepare them for the growing workforce in these fields.   

Our Approach

Skills our products help students master:

  • Critical Thinking : Think clearly and apply information learned about STEM
  • Creative Innovation: Learn to ask thoughtful questions, brainstorm and apply what is learned
  • Problem Solving: Use the Design Process to solve problems, learn to take risks, and “think outside the box”

Our Products

Educational Software


+Digital Content

Educational Books

+Physical Books

+Digital Books

Educational Apps

+ Learning Games

Educational Kits

+ Experiments

Book published in 2019 that has interactive features. 

It was co-authored with a 13-year-old who won a Disney X Prize for her idea about a robotic bee.

Our Partners


The First-City Funded VR/AR Center in the Country

National Geographic Encounters

Curriculum Produced by SciTech

New York University

 Software and AR/VR


Welcome to the World of SciTech Kids


SciTech Kids Programs offers enriching and fun opportunities for children, ages 3 to 15, and adults. We immerse you in the world of STEAM through hands-on activities that capture your imagination. Led by our skilled instructors, students are engaged in projects and activities that provide an exciting, STEAM experience that changes both the way they see themselves and the world. Kids get to do science experiments, engineering, architecture, coding and much more. Exposure to STEAM motivates them to take on real world challenges, develop ideas to solve them as they navigate the creative process.



President Obama Praises SciTech Kids


Gabrielle Nafie and Miles Pilchik, both 8, and their film Full S[T]EAM Ahead: How Technology Rocks the Classroom, were featured at the inaugural White House Student Film Festival.

The film, narrated by Gabrielle and Miles shows how SciTech Kids afterschool, weekend and summer programs are rocking the classroom with STEAM programming. The kids along with Kim Magloire, President of SciTech Kids created the three-minute film for submission.

In his remarks, President Obama, said, “You’ve got Gabrielle Nafie and Miles Pilchik from SciTech Kids in New York. They showed us that their class isn’t just dreaming about going into space, they’re actually going into space. They designed density experiments and used a 3-D printer to build tiny satellites to hold them. And then they actually launched a giant balloon that carried their satellites up to the edge of space – very cool – so they could collect the data. When I was in elementary school, I was not launching satellites into space.” (video)

“SciTech Kids gives young children the opportunity to see Science and Technology without limits,” says Kim Magloire of SciTech Kids. “Having the ability to have our students’ work showcased at the White House is truly amazing but hearing President Obama, speak about our kids and their work with such excitement is beyond anything I ever could have hoped for,” adds Magloire.

In November, the White House Student Film Festival announced a call for video submissions that highlight the power of technology in schools. Out of 2500 submissions, 16 films were chosen.

“What makes SciTech Kids different is our belief that STEAM should be introduced to children as early as possible. The PongSat mission, an initiative of JP Aerospace allowed our kids to conceptualize and then conduct their own experiments was truly remarkable. Students even designed the PongSat balls using a 3D printer,” adds Magloire.

“Gabrielle and Miles were great ambassadors for SciTech and their schools. From Gabrielle’s “thank you” to Miles’ high five, we could not be more proud of them. “As we were leaving the White House, they were already talking about next year’s festival. We are very proud of them.”

To watch the SciTech Kids video click here and for more information visit sci-techkids.com and whitehouse.gov/filmfestival.


In-School Enrichment Programs

SciTech Kids offers educational and highly entertaining workshops and demonstrations that are guaranteed to attract and hold the attention of school groups. Let us get your students revved up on science with cool science tricks and amazing science experiments.

Our science demonstrations can be tailored to your school’s science curriculum which can be an invaluable tool to assist you in your goal of making science classes more fun and exciting for your students. If you would like us to come to your school events, assemblies, or after-school events, contact us.

Help Kids Excel on Regents and Advanced Placement Science Exams

SciTech Kids also partners with schools to deliver high quality, standards-based instructional science programs with curricula that are rigorous, effective, and engaging.

SciTech Kids has implemented award-winning Regents and Advanced Placement science programs in many NYC public high schools.  For more information about our school programs, contact us.

Let Science Take Center Stage at Your School!



After-School Programs

SciTech Kids after-school programs create learning progressions that build student understanding over time. At each stage of learning, children explore, think critically, and problem solve through age-appropriate STEAM activities.

Classes meet once a week for 1 hour and consist of small multi-age groups, which promote peer-to-peer learning and leadership. Whether your child is a SciTech Explorers (Ages 3 to 5), SciTech Adventurers (Ages 6 to 8), SciTech Investigators (Ages 9 to 12) , SciTech Scientist or Techie (Ages 13 to 15) or a SciTech Ambassadors (Ages: 11 to 15).

Every season, SciTech Kids expands upon its innovative curriculum to ensure our students are applying their STEM skills to help solve real-world problems.  From learning the science of motion when making a catapult to designing skyscrapers and urban planning to evaluating water quality and studying ecosystems to the studying and identification of plants and more.

NEW! Scratch, Python and Minecraft Mod

This Winter, we are offering both Scratch and Python as part of our coding class. Does your child love Minecraft? Then learn how to mod Minecraft. Imagine, create, and share amazing mods, texture packs, and schematics and turn your mod ideas into reality!

SciTech Kids is offering the following classes and School Break Day Camps this Winter. Classes are based on age groups: Explorers, Adventurers, Investigators, and Techies. To register for a class, camp or make a birthday party deposit, please click here.


Birthday Parties

We’ve got birthday parties down to a science!

Interested in having an unforgettable STEAM birthday party that captivates your child? Children 4 years old and older LOVE celebrating with SciTech Kids! We offer fantastic parties that include science experiments or tech activities that are interactive, exciting, and educational. Children become budding scientists, engineers or designers as they perform cool, activities and enjoy incredible special effects that thrill and inform young minds! Our 2,000 square foot facility can accommodate up to 40 children.

Reserve your date today! Call (212) 804-7055 for more information!

“It’s science… as you’ve never seen it.”


We offer four party packages and a variety of birthday party themes to suit your child’s interest.

Atom Party Package

90 minutes of fun!
11 children total

SciTech Kids scientist & assistant(s)

Paper goods (for children only)

Pizza, drink (for children only)

Balloons & Decorations

Nova Party Package

90 minutes of fun!
11 children total

SciTech Kids scientist & assistant(s)

Themed paper goods (for children only)

Pizza, drink (for children only)

Balloons & Decorations

Favor bags (SciTech Kids journal and 2 surprise themed items)

Big Bang Party Package

2 hours of fun!
11 children total

SciTech Kids scientist and assistant(s)

Themed Paper goods for children only

Pizza, drink (for children only)

Balloons & Decorations

Themed Cake (For Children only)

Activity Table filled with theme-related items that keep your guests entertained as they arrive at the party;

Favor bags (SciTech Kids journal and 2 surprise themed items)

Rover On The Go Party Package

Looking for SciTech Kids to enliven your party or special event? We travel! Ask us about SciTech Kids On The Go!


While we have thrown almost any theme of a birthday party, our most popular include:

Bouncing Bubbles Dance Party

Our 90-minute Bouncing Bubbles Dance Party combines what kids love most: bubbles and dancing.
Along with the birthday child who services as the Scientist’s assistant, kids love being part of the two fun-filled hands-on activities. Made from SciTech Kids’ secret bubble recipe that allows kids to bounce bubbles in their hands, SciTech Kids incorporates the science of bubbles with a child’s imagination. Guests young and old love playing and learning about these amazing bubbles, that include even fog-filled bubbles, as they dance in a bubble filled room. Want a little extra glow, ask us about our glow in the dark add-on. Get a little extra glow by adding blacklights.  ($125.00)

Atom Package: $795 (Each additional child $35.)

SciTech Kids “Signature” Chemistry Party

Budding chemists enter our decorated Science laboratory filled with beakers, flasks, test tubes, test tube racks and graduated cylinders! Watch how engaged the kids become as they individually conduct cool, hands-on science experiments including making a bubbling lava lamp in a test tube. Learn how to make slime, a non-Newtonian fluid, as we mix different solutions and understand the science behind these speculator activities.

Atom Package: $1,095 (each additional child $49.)

Nova Package: $1,250 (each additional child $59.)

Big Bang Package: $1,595 (each additional child $69.) Dry ice, Lab coats & Goggles rentals are included!

Harry Potter Party

Your child will have the ultimate Hogwarts experience. Guests journey to the magical platform 9¾ to attend potions class and are spell-bound as the want chooses the wizard. Based on the Harry Potter series, young wizards make potions that bubble, glow or change color. The grand finale; our Professor instructs wizards to wave their wands as they create a massive, foggy bubble in a cauldron and watch the bubble disappear in thin air! Wizards have a magical experience in the world of Harry Potter and are so proud of their concoctions that they make a toast to the birthday child as they sip a fuzzy, bubbly Hogwarts drink.

Nova Package: $1,350 (Each additional child $59) Dry ice and Wands included!

Big Bang Package: $1,750 (Each additional child $69.) Dry ice and Wands included!

Star Wars Party

Welcome to the Star Wars Jedi Academy! Kids attend Jedi training and learn Jedi moves from a Jedi Master as they use a lightsaber. Once dubbed real Jedi Knights they conduct two science activities inspired by scenes in the Star Wars movies. The party ends with the Jedi Knights recreating a special crystal ball and toasting the birthday child.

Nova Package: $1,350 (Each additional child $59) Dry ice and Lightsabers included!

Big Bang Package: $1,750 (Each additional child $69.) Dry ice and Lightsabers included!

Glow-In-The-Dark Party

Get illuminated! Kids of all ages love assembling necklaces, bracelets, and beads that glow in the dark under black lights. Then they create amazing glow-in-the-dark t-shirts or hats using UV  markers. Next, kids experiment with glow-in-the-dark slime. They then hit the dance floor and are all aglow are ready to glow as they dance on our glow in the dark dance party floor. Guests do dance games such as freeze dance and limbo as they flash their mini blacklights under spectacular large black lights that set the room aglow.

Nova Package: $1,550 (Each additional child $59) Mini blacklight included for each child!

Big Bang Package: $1,895 (Each additional child $69) Mini blacklight included for each child!

Super Slime Party

Making slime is so popular these days! Get messy making slime which is a cool chemistry activity. But did you know that slime is an example of a non-Newtonian liquid?  Kids of all ages are fascinated by the many different types of slime we make in our lab. You can’t go wrong when you design your own selection of slime: fluffy slime, butter slime, glow-in-the-dark slime, and edible slime. We even have glow in the dark slime!

Atom Package $1,095 (Each additional child $49) Slime included!

Nova Package: $1,250 (Each additional child $59.) Slime included!

Big Bang Package: $1,550 (Each additional child $69) Slime and lab coats included!

Magical Unicorn Party

Our Magical Unicorn Party (or Mermaid) gives children the chance to be as sparkling and magical as they want to be. Children will perform activities ranging from designing their very own Unicorn tote bag, Unicorn horns, t-shirts, or jewelry box and make their very own colorful Unicorn slime. Kids love realizing the power of the Unicorn.

Nova Package: $1,250 (Each additional child $49.) Slime included!

Dinosaur Dig Party

Children become paleontologists and learn the history of dinosaurs as they begin to dig for fossils. After their dig, they will play Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur.  They also scientifically dissolve dinosaur shells with hidden baby dinosaurs. At the end of the party, each child will be an official paleontologist and receive a certificate stating they completed the dinosaur dig.

Atom Package $1,095 (each additional child $49)

Nova Package includes: $1,295 (each additional child $59) Plush Dinosaur tails included!

Spa Science Party

Who doesn’t love a spa party? Relax as your kids spend two hours making fizzy bath bombs, customized, lush soaps or scrubs and learn the science behind combining natural ingredients. These spa scientists will even choose what fragrance they’d like to add to their creative concoctions. Best of all, they take them home to pamper themselves for the rest of the day.

Nova Package includes: $1,095 (each additional child $49) Spa creations and special treats included!

Big Bang Package $1,250 (Each additional child $59) Spa creations and special treats included!

Lego Skyscraper Party

SciTech Kids Lego Skyscraper Party gives young builders the chance to learn about New York City and engineering as they build a Skyscraper out of Legos. Kids have a blast incorporating life-size Legos and LEDs, in their urban planning design. For the Big Bang Package for kids 7 and up, after the Skyscrapers are complete, the kids will be able to race along the crowded streets, by building a robot using an Ev3 Robot from Lego Mindstorms.

Atom Package $1,095 (Each additional child $39.)

Nova Package: $1,250 (each additional child $45.) Legos included!

Big Bang Package $1,550 ( Each additional child $65.) Legos included!

Be A Superhero Party

Does your child love superheroes? Then keep their wheels turning with these science experiments inspired by their favorite heroic characters. If they love Aquaman, then let’s make an ocean in a bottle or a leak-proof bag experiment. Alternatively, make magnetic slime and use a Megamagnet for lovers of Iron Man. If your child loves Superman, then he or she will enjoy the strength balance experiment or make paper airplanes. Explore the power of super stretchiness, Mr. Fantastic, and make glow in the dark slime. Whatever superhero(es) you choose this party will be a blast!

Atom Package: $1,095 (Each additional child $49.)

Nova Package: $1,250 (each additional child $60) Capes included!

Skateboard Party: 

Learn the science behind skateboards! Kids learn how to design their very own wooden skateboard and the science behind how it moves and not falling off. Don’t be surprised if our SciTech Kids skater shows you a lesson or two on how to ride a skateboard in our space.

Nova Package: $1,395 (Each additional child $70) Wooden Skateboard included!

Create Your Own Theme: or Additional Activity

If you have a particular science or Tech theme in mind, let us know, We can customize a dream party for you. For example, For a Despicable Me party, we created a top-secret PX lab that produces the PX-41 potion, the mutagen that turns living things into indestructible killing machines. Let us arrange a science party your child will NEVER forget! In the past, our party themes have included: Design Your Own Video Game, Minecraft, CSI, and Pokemon. Contact us to today for details and pricing.

Special Needs Accommodations:

Looking for the right party for your special needs child? Let us know! From visual schedules to creating a space for those who need a break, we believe all kids should have a birthday party to remember!


Need MORE science or wizardry? Customize your birthday party with special add-ons that will amaze your guests.

    • Dry Ice Spectacular: Discover the unusual properties of dry ice and watch the white smoke erupt. ($65)
    • Lab Coat and Goggle Rental: Do you want to inspire kids to be budding scientists? Add lab coats ($5/child) and goggles ($2/child) to your package.
    • Mentos® and Soda: See what happens when Mentos® candy is dropped into a soda bottle or Geyser Rocket Car! ($35 – Seasonal)
    • Face Painting: Have your party guest faces adorned with anything from a favorite superhero character to butterflies. Our face painter does amazing work for glow-in-the-dark parties.($250 and up)
    • Custom-designed Themed Cake: Our talented baker will custom design an amazing cake that matches your theme. ($100)
    • Goody Bags: Have your goody bags match the theme of your party which will include 3 items. ($10/each).
    • Photos & Props: Party guests can have their picture taken with fun props. ($125).
    • Additional Party Space: Reserve the front space of our facility for private and large parties. ($400) The front space area must be reserved for non-drop-off parties with greater than 20 kids. Reserve our outdoor space for private parties for $500.
    • Alcohol: There is a $50 fee for liquor brought to a party.

SciTech Kids is not responsible for personal property. Prices are subject to change

Reserve your date today! Call (212) 804-7055 for more information!

Online Request

Drop us a few lines

National STEAM Day Maker/Inventor Event This Friday

In tribute of National STEAM Day, SciTech Kids is hosting a Maker/Inventor Event at SciTech Kids, 215 East 81st Street, from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Children will have a chance to choose from one of two Maker/Inventor activities that will take approximately 45-60 minutes long. This is a great opportunity to empower kids to exercise their STEM skills and apply them to real world problems.

Join SciTech Kids at Kids Week at the Intrepid


Kids Week is back—and moving full STEAM ahead! Science, technology, engineering, arts, math, and FUN take center stage at the Intrepid Museum from February 17-23. Join your friends at SciTech Kids on February 18th and 22nd.  Kids Week is free with your cost of admission!


Holiday Drop, Shop & Create

Drop, Shop & Create!

Saturday, December 22

Ages: 4-12 years old

9:00 am – 1:00pm

Location: SciTech Kids 215 East 81 Street, between 2nd & 3rd Ave.

A special thanks to all the families who dropped their kids off at our first Shop, Drop & Make event!

Holiday Shopping Just Got a Whole Lot Easier! Drop your child, ages 4-12, off at SciTech Kids while you shop. Kids will be entertained with holiday-themed activities such as building the tallest tree, making reindeer toothpaste and slime, designing a holiday scratch game and more.

Pizza will be served for lunch. All children must be potty trained. Space is limited. SciTech kids will not issue refunds for this event due to attendance, arriving late or early pick up.  We recommend registering online at scitech kids.com, however walk-in’s are accepted with availability.