SciTech STEAM products incorporate technology into print content to create experiences that bring Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEAM) to life. 

Studies show that there are not enough American students who are educated well enough in STEM to fill the available jobs in the 21st Century. Currently, students struggle to master STEM content, especially when teaching methods primarily emphasize didactic models that fail to engage students and reveal how the material can be applied to solve real problems. 

SciTech STEAM addresses these issues by designing STEAM-based products that builds out effective curriculum using software, digital books, gaming and mobile application that engage students to excel in these subject areas. 

Our products are designed and tested at SciTech Kids, among thousands of diverse New York City students. Our mission is to increase the pipeline of students, especially those from underrepresented groups, and prepare them for the growing workforce in these fields.   

Our Approach

Skills our products help students master:

  • Critical Thinking : Think clearly and apply information learned about STEM
  • Creative Innovation: Learn to ask thoughtful questions, brainstorm and apply what is learned
  • Problem Solving: Use the Design Process to solve problems, learn to take risks, and “think outside the box”

Our Products

Educational Software


+Digital Content

Educational Books

+Physical Books

+Digital Books

Educational Apps

+ Learning Games

Educational Kits

+ Experiments

Book published in 2019 that has interactive features. 

It was co-authored with a 13-year-old who won a Disney X Prize for her idea about a robotic bee.

Our Partners


The First-City Funded VR/AR Center in the Country

National Geographic Encounters

Curriculum Produced by SciTech

New York University

 Software and AR/VR

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