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Imagine a world in which children explore the mystery of genetics by extracting DNA from strawberries, or where teens learn about the science of sound then meet with the talented sound engineer of the Broadway show Hamilton to see these concepts realized in the Richard Rodgers theatre. SciTech Kids are actively involved in the learning process as they make connections, problem solve, and develop critical thinking skills, all essential in today’s world.


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SciTech Kids Programs offers enriching and fun experiences for children, ages 3 to 15, after school, during school breaks and over summer vacation. 

Birthday Parties

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We offer amazing birthday parties that include science experiments or tech activities that are interactive, exciting, and educational.


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Our curriculum brings STEAM to life through a student-centered approach that uses the power of inquiry and play to create captivating science experiences. Learn about our educational platform and app, To the Point, which will revolutionize how kids learn science.

Our Students are Innovators

Whether in an afterschool, in-school enrichment, or summer camp, our instructors nurture a child’s sense of wonder about STEAM through fun, hands-on experiences that unlock their imagination. Our kids have already been recognized as innovators. Students in our award-winning program were featured on Good Morning America as we pivoted during the pandemic. Some came up with solutions to fight the spread of COVID-19. Others were winners in the White House Student Film Contest in which President Obama loved their mini satellites, called pongsats, that traveled into space. Another student won the Disney XPrize contest where she designed a Bee Origamibot that would pollinate flowers in the future when the bee population is extinct. At SciTech Kids, our founder, Kim Magloire promotes that innovation happens when you have people with diverse ideas and backgrounds sitting at the table.


Join us this fall for our STEAM classes, Science or Math enrichment or private tutoring

SciTech Investigators and Coding classes (Ages 9-15)

Solutions to the most pressing global issues require creative innovators, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers. At SciTech Kids, we believe Design Thinking is a powerful tool for kids to solve the big challenges of the 21st century. Each week, students are presented with (1) a problem (2) follow the Design Thinking process to explore how to solve the problem, and (3) develop a solution.

SciTech Explorers and Adventurers (Ages 3-8)

Children as young as three excel in STEAM through hands-on experiences that capture their imagination. Our program uses a comprehensive curriculum which covers a range of disciplines including biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, architecture, earth science, and astronomy.

Private Tutoring is also available in Math, Science, ISEE, SSAT, SAT, AP Science, Regents, and MCAT. Contact us at

Students will: (1) identify a problem of inte

Events & What's Happening

Kim Magloire is Recognized as a Notable Black Leader in New York City

It is such an honor that our founder, Kim Magloire, is featured in Crain's as a notable black leader in New York.

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Mastercard Partners With SciTech Kids To Offer Priceless STEM Experience

SciTech Kids is working with @Mastercard to bring you an exclusive online Potions Class workshop.

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SciTech Kids Designs a STEAM mobile

What better way to promote STEM in schools or playgrounds than to do hands-on activities outdoors. Every feature of the van will be customized by kids for kids.

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SciTech Kids: Full STEAM Ahead

Our goal is to spark every child’s natural curiosity about STEM and the world around them. All students benefit from learning STEM because STEM skills are going to be required in order for today’s students to be tomorrow’s global leaders. 

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At SciTech Kids, we turn the idea of teaching science on its head. Kids learn STEAM and scientific concepts by “doing science” that is connected to their everyday life, rather than watching someone else do it.

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